Compact Palletizer
Patent #: 9,511,957 

Compact Palletizer Base Model
​Palletize Boxes / Bags / Pails

Compact Palletizer, Mini Palletizer
  • Up to 10 Cycles per Minute
  • 100 kg (220 lb) Capacity
  • 6'8" x 8' Footprint with a Stack Height of up to 100"
  • Fork Pockets and Caster Wheels for Mobility
  • ​Side Mounted Gantry = Lower overall height
  • ​3 Year Limited Warranty

High Volume Production Model
​Palletize Boxes / Bags / Pails - with automated pallet handling

  • Automatic Pallet Infeed / Outfeed
  • ​Pallet Dispenser
  • optional Box Infeed Buffer System
  • ​optional Stretch Wrapper
  • ​optional Tier Sheet Dispenser
  • Up to 10 Cycles per Minute (pick multiples for higher through put.
  • 100 kg (220 lb) Capacity
  • 8'6" x 10' Footprint with a Stack Height of up to 8'
  • ​Side Mounted Gantry = Lower overall Height
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

​Both the Base Model and the High Speed model include:
​Configured to match your line height  
​Configured for Left, Right or Rear infeed
​Safety PLC for monitoring Entries
​Motion Control Servo package
​Up to 5 pallet patterns for 5 box sizes.

Easy Lease Options Available
​Payback in less than 2 years!
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