Articulating Jib Crane With Tube Lifter

Articulating Jib Crane With Vacuum Manipulator
The articulating jib crane has a primary beam with over 180 degrees of range and a secondary beam with the ablity to rotate 360 degrees in either direction below that.  When extended fully, the crane can reach over 9 feet from the fork truck and lift from any point within that sweeping semicircle.  The entire unit is designed to plug into the fork truck's existing power source.  Using a blower mounted on the main mast, vacuum is generated and then passed through the crane arms and down a vacuum lifter tube controlled by a trigger throttle incorporated into the handle. This particular model's capacity is limited to that of the tube lifter itself, which is approximately 75 lbs.  

Crane and Hoist Tools

Overhead Crane Vacuum EOAT
As an example of a crane and hoist layer gripper, this unit utilizes a design similar to many of ROI Machinery & Automation Inc. EOAT layer grippers, with vacuum as the primary gripping force and guided air cylinders to provide a mechanical assist.

Standard Manipulator Modifications

Modified Schmalz Vacuum Lifter
Many vacuum manipulators are available on the market, but they sometimes do not meet customer needs. In cases such as this, ROI Machinery & Automation Inc. can be contracted to design and integrate modifications into off-the-shelf products.