Multi Robot Integration With Machine Vision

Multi Robot Integration With Machine Vision
The dual robot cell demonstration was a spinoff from a proof of principle project for a client. A machine was used to identify a product based on pattern recognition software. Once recognized, the camera's program fed the position and orientation back to the robot controllers in cartesian coordinates plus an angle. Both robot controllers then used this information as well as encoder data (for tracking two independent conveyors) to accurately pick the randomly oriented object and then place it in a set position on the outfeed conveyor.
Fully Automated Robot Cell

Full Integration

At the 2011 Automate trade show ROI Machinery & Automation demonstrated a layer picking robotic cell . The EOAT was a custom multi-zone vacuum layer gripper with a capacity of 450 lbs. Many layer grippers are a variation of this and can include many more zones, a mechanical pallet gripping system, depth sensor or vision sensor technology, etc.

Partial Integration

Partial Component Integration
A client had selected a supplier for two gantry systems, but required an accompanying automation and vision solution, much of which was custom. Though capable of providing the full system, ROI Machinery & Automation Inc. was happy to work with several other parties to ensure the successful integration of the system.